Telephone Interpreting

A state-of-the art Telephone Interpreting solution

We are recognised as one of the leaders in telephone interpreting, Australia-wide.
Our recently upgraded technologically advanced telephone interpreting system ensures connection to a telephone interpreter in 95% of all calls within 3 minutes.
Furthermore, our system is fully automated in the top 24 demand languages in Australia, eliminating the need for lengthy operator assistance.
In fact, we save our dedicated operator support for languages of lesser demand or rare and emerging languages, where a monitored connect approach is of more benefit.

After all – shouldn’t you expect the most efficient telephone interpreting service available for all your language needs?

We pride ourselves on our trained telephone interpreters and we are always seeking more accredited and experienced interpreters who can service our valued clientele.
The VITS service premise is based on supply of the highest possible available accredited interpreter for all requests and our intelligent system is able to route telephone interpreting calls based on this principle.

Our new and improved service offers:

  • Access to over 160 languages with more than 1,000 accredited language professionals
  • Automated technology which provides an interpreter within 3 minutes in 95% of requests
  • Customer Service Representatives 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Intelligent interpreter searching reducing call wait time
  • Quicker reconnection to interpreters in instances of connection drop-outs
  • More information on invoices
  • Improved and consolidated financial reporting
  • Dedicated feedback point of contact with 72 hour response time

Using another telephone interpreting provider – why not try VITS?!

We are dedicated to not only providing the best possible service but offer the most relevant service usage data to enable your organisation to utilise your language service budgets effectively.
Consider these benefits:

  • We are up to 50% cheaper in standard minimum call cost than other main telephone interpreting providers
  • Our telephone interpreters are available on demand reducing any administrative time
  • Interpreters receive regular information and communication about our clients
  • We are government owned with a diverse range of experience in all interpreting sectors

Contact us below to find out more about the benefits that we can bring to your organisation and servicing your multicultural communities.

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