VITS Industry Innovation Grants Program

About VITS and the grants program

Industry Innovation Grants Program

The Victorian Interpreting & Translating Service (VITS) is a Victorian Government-owned business enterprise that has offered leading-edge services to culturally and linguistically diverse Victorians for more than 35 years.

VITS is renowned for adopting the latest that technology has to offer as well as embracing exciting new training and development programs and processes that benefit its language professionals, its administrative staff, its clients and the culturally and linguistically diverse Victorians they seek to assist.

VITS plays a crucial role in the Victorian community and has a responsibility to contribute using the fundamentals of what it does best – innovate and develop the industry. To this end, VITS has developed the VITS Industry Innovation Grants Program to fund professional development and cutting-edge research initiatives that will contribute to innovation in Victoria’s language services industry.

Program Objectives

The Industry Innovation Grants Program aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • The identification and adoption of new operational practices that benefit the Victorian language services industry.
  • The identification and adoption of new professional development, training or skills development initiatives or human resource methodologies that benefit the Victorian language services industry.
  • Initiatives that benefit the Victorian language services industry by identifying emerging industry trends that may be incorporated into future strategic planning.

The grants program is open to individuals and organisations, both public and private. VITS expects there may be particular interest from not-for-profits, educational institutions, academics, community groups and local government. Preference may be given to Victorian-based individuals and organisations whose proposals will directly benefit the Victorian language services industry.

The grants program committee will NOT consider applications seeking funding for matters such as: capital works; multi-year projects; capital equipment purchases; general fundraising; recurrent operating expenses; retrospective project costs; travel and accommodation costs; activities that are the responsibility of government; projects for private or individual benefit; projects with high administrative costs (including travel); and activities for or at private or residential premises.

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How to lodge your application

Completed applications should be sent electronically in PDF (preferred) or Word format to by the due date: 5.00pm. 12 December 2014

VITS does NOT require applications to also be lodged in hard copy format. You will receive an email acknowledgement of receipt of your application. If you do not receive an email acknowledgement, please contact VITS as soon as possible.

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About VITS

VITS was established in January 1994, resulting from the consolidation of the Victorian Government's Language Services within the then, Office of Ethnic Affairs.

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